Clicks Of Love: Web Application

AppBarry created a web portal that allows Clicks of Love administrators to create and securely store information on each school, class, and student they photograph. The application automatically sorts photos based on facial recognition technology and allows the photographers to notify parents and schools whenever photos are ready for viewing. It keeps records for every photoshoot and provides parents the ability to view, purchase, and download their child’s photos. Because parents have their own unique logins, they have access to their child’s photos indefinitely and have the ability to view and purchase them for years to come. The application has increased Clicks of Love’s sales by providing a simple, streamlined solution for parents to purchase photos.

Learn more at (Photos blurred for security)

From brainstorming sessions to website design and function, AppBarry has been creative and innovative in bringing our ideas to life. From our very first brainstorming meeting together, we realized that they understood our concept, which made working with them even more exciting. They were able to take our ideas and turn them into products we needed. Without the expert guidance of AppBarry, Clicks of Love would not be able to effectively produce and distribute our product easily and timely. Working with them has allowed us to continue to grow and make beautiful photos while staying organized and efficient! – Shanon Bell

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