SecureVizual: App Development & Business Intelligence Project

AppBarry created a dashboard where users could add widgets to display all of their physical security data in one place. The widgets show constantly changing information that is updated in real-time, like door alarms, key card entries, camera events, and more. They can also be configured to display data in an “alert” mode if a specific threshold is met. Each dashboard and widget is fully customizable by the user and allows companies to choose how they’d like their security data displayed. The SecureVizual application has been successful in providing security dashboards to several different companies and has inspired a 2.0 iteration, which AppBarry is currently working on.

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“AppBarry is customer-focused and adds skills that my team doesn’t have to both our creative and technical process. They took the dashboard concept I presented and turned it into a great application that my customers love. SecureVizual was recently awarded an SIA New Product Showcase award and this is due to the great work of the team. They created a product that allows our customers a simple and intuitive user interface, and the efficiency of the data usage is exactly what my marketplace is looking for.”- Rick Leighton, SecureVizual

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