Let's Transform What's Possible

Have an idea for a custom software solution for your business, but not sure where to start? Need to optimize operations with your own end-to-end system, invent the next trendsetting platform, migrate your apps to the cloud, or better integrate your existing software? Our team of experienced software consultants would be honored to help you carefully design and implement your project to gain the support of your key stakeholders and bring a game-ready solution to market. Contact us today to learn more!

Customized Solutions

"AppBarry’s ability to quickly grasp the business and technical objectives of a project and then deliver in a timely manner are unmatched in my experience. Their breadth of experience allows them to quickly and economically deliver software solutions across a wide range of platforms. For me, being a repeat customer says it all." - John Collings, Founder & President @ Memoreyes

Solutions Architecture

Have an idea for a new app, but unsure what's necessary to get it built? Our expert Solutions Architects will help you unpack the idea to create the roadmap, technical architecture, and project plan to align with your business goals.

User Experience (UX) Design

Creating modern, polished applications, illustrations, and engaging product experiences is critical to turning your app's users into loyal customers. Our team will help you thoughtfully plan and design products that your customers will love.

Web App Development

Need a shopping cart for your e-commerce site or a better web portal to track and stay connected with your customers? Are business process inefficiencies holding you back from growth? We'll give you a boost with a scalable web app.

Mobile App Development

Need a way to collect online or offline data, interactively teach your consumer about a product, or generate revenue through a mobile storefront? We'll develop your app to keep you engaged with customers from anywhere.

Database Design & Development

If you're looking to collect data, massive or small, we can design your database for maximum efficiency. From data warehousing to SSIS packages to continually integrating data, we'll create the best solution for your needs.

DevOps, Automation, and Serverless

Gain a competitive advantage with increased automation, quicker code delivery, security, continuous integration, and continuous deployment so you can put new features into the hands of your customers fast.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We’ll turn your data into insightful and visually appealing dashboards to empower your leadership team with performance metrics, financial results, and analytics demonstrating the impact of your technology.

Cloud Migrations & Integrations

We'll help you discover the many advantages of hosting your apps in the cloud such as scalability, redundancy, security, and accessibility. Our AWS and Azure certified specialists will listen and be your guide to the cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Metering, Asset Tracking, Monitoring: the possibilities are endless when it comes to the Internet of Things. Let us help you connect your physical and digital assets to harness the power of collecting data from all your physical and digital resources.

Machine Learning and AI

Have loads of data from which you need to identify trends and patterns? Let us help you interpret this data and put it to good use with predictive algorithms that will shed competitive insights for you to make more informed business decisions.

Hosting and App Support

Avoiding downtime and bugs in your systems are mission-critical to your business. We'll host, support, and maintain your software to ensure it remains online and functioning for your business to keep moving upward and onward.

Website Development & Optimization

Our expert website design and development team would love to be your guide for telling your story on a beautiful, modern, and optimized marketing website. Propel your brand to the next level with competitive content and SEO strategies.

Purpose & Values

We build customer relationships on a foundation of caring, honesty, stewardship, communication, and dependability. With these values at our core, we’re dedicated to being of service to our customers with hands-on, technical solutions that fully support their vision and business objectives.

Our overarching purpose is to ALWAYS serve our customers with their best interest at heart, supporting them every step of the way!

Our Technologies

We're a team of versatile technologists who are capable of working with a variety of programming languages and tools. We believe in keeping up with emerging technology and helping you choose the best options related to your specific business needs. Here are some of the technologies we've used most frequently: